Custom Designs

Customs will be open for submissions for 3 days. You may submit a customs form any of these days. You can find the dates I will be accepting on this page or on Instagram. Once the submission dates close, I will go though everything submitted and accept as many projects as I can. I will email everyone back even if I’m not able to accept your project. 

Customs take 3-6 weeks at design approval to complete.
Cost starts at $250+
• Once the submission closes, I will go through all the emails and get back to everyone. This may take a few days, so please be patient! I will get back to everyone.
• Once you’ve received an email from me accepting your submission; I require a $50 non-refundable deposit sent through either Venmo or PayPal when you The custom is not considered accepted until the deposit is paid. Please make a note of your name + "Custom"
Note: These deposits are non-refundable. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know before paying the deposit. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have!

• Once I receive your form and deposit, I will work with you through email to create a design you'll love! I will send you a digital mockup of the design I create, you'll have the opportunity to adjust anything on the design before moving forward. At this time I will also get an idea for what kinds of hats you like, I will send you some options and we will move forward with your choice.

• 50% of the cost of the hat is due when the design is approved, before I begin painting. Once you approve your design, I will give you the exact cost of the hat.

• The remaining cost is due after the hat is completed and before shipping.


Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Please do not submit a form without your hat size. I cannot send you hat options without this measurement. I have found "Lack of Color" to have the best instructions on how to find your hat size. Link:                                                                
  • Adding more elements/detail to a design will make the cost go up. If you're unsure if your design idea will fit within your budget, you can always reach out before submitting. Either through instagram or email! I will always work with you to get you something you love that fits within your budget. Email: 
  • If I was not able to accept your project, it’s more then likely because I filled up on how many I can accept. Please don’t let it deter you from submitting in the future! 

I can't wait to create you a hat of your dreams!



• What happens if I submit while you are not accepting?

Please do not submit custom forms while I am not accepting. You will not have a custom slot held for you, these forms will be discarded. The deposit for custom forms submitted while I am not accepting will be forfeited and not returned. You are welcome you resubmit when I start accepting again but will require a new deposit. You can find if I am accepting new forms at the top of this page and in my instagram bio. 

• What if I have a price I can't go above?

The cost starts at $250 for customs. If in the instance you don't want to go over a certain price (say $300), you can put that in your customs form and I will make sure the design/hats do not exceed that budget. Please keep in mind if you want more details or elements to your design, that will end up costing more. 

I'd like to add a band to my hat choice, what are my options?

I am able to provide a plethora of hat choices that include different bands, including decorative, velvet, leather etc. I am not able to alter any hats from how they come; meaning I am not able to "mix and match" hats and bands, or make additions to hats.

• Can I send you a hat for you to paint on?

I will not be accepting these kinds of customs. Due to the plethora of types of hats out there, this is to ensure I am able to paint on the hat. 

• Can you paint one of your existing designs on a different hat?

Yes, I will accept this kind of custom. Keep in mind my customs are generally more expensive then hats from my regular drops, so you may be paying more for the same design. I can of course adjust anything in the design itself, or hat choice.  

• Oh Shoot! I already approved the design but I changed my mind! Can you change something?

I will do my absolute best to work with you to get you something you love. In some circumstances, when the hat has already been painted I probably won't be able to adjust anything. Keep in mind this will add time to when you receive your hat. 

• I think I want a different hat than the one I picked. Can I get a different one?

Once you choose your hat from the options I give you, I am not able to get a different one. Please be sure about the hat you've chosen! I am happy to answer any and all questions before you commit to one!

•How much does shipping cost?

Free standard shipping for the continental U.S. is included in my customs. Outside of this region, it will depend on the size of the hat and method of shipping. 

• Can I return a custom hat?

Customs are not eligible for return.